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茅ヶ崎クラスのリーティング課題「Yoga for the broad with a babe」


1月7日(火)は茅ヶ崎クラスの今年最初のレッスンでした。今年もリーティング課題にしっかり取り組んで理解力と語彙力を高めましょう!今回の課題は、Kansai Scene 1月号の「Yoga for the broad with a babe」(10~11ページ)--- 出産前後の女性のためのヨガについての記事です。私は男性なので自分が出産することはありませんが、ヨガは5年ほど前から毎日のようにやっていますので興味深く記事を読みました。(こちらのリンクでも読めます:
TOEICのPart 7と同形式の問題を下に載せますので、次回のレッスンまでに解いてください。(最後の問題は「おまけ」。次のレッスンで、みんなで実際にやってみましょう!)
Directions: Read the chosen article from Kansai Scene's 2014 January issue, and select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D).
1_What does the writer suggest that a pregnant woman do before starting yoga?
(A) to get a doctor's permission
(B) to attend a lecture at her clinic
(C) to gain some weight
(D) to ease her physical complications
2_The phrase “creates new life” on the second line in the third pragraph, is closest in meaning to
(A) gets refreshed
(B) becomes an artist
(C) is pregnant
(D) exercises yoga
3_How long does it take for a C-section's gap to close?
(A) 1 week
(B) 2 weeks
(C) 4 to 8 weeks
(D) 10 to 12 weeks
4_What is NOT mentioned by Yuki about how yoga, Pilates or mindful movement helps during pregnancy?
(A) Yoga eases morning sickness.
(B) Women can do light exercise after first three months of their pregnancy.
(C) Yoga lightens pregnant women's stress.
(D) Yoga's breathing exercises eventually help deliver nutrients to the woman's baby inside.
Addition_Do and show the following exercise for stretching your chest area.
This can be done seated on a chair, cross-legged, on an exercise ball, or standing but not lying on the back.
Prepare with hands on the back of your neck, looking down.
Inhale: lift your head and elbows toward ceiling.
Exhale: open elbows to sides.
Inhale: close elbows.
Exhale: back to the starting position.





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