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茅ヶ崎クラスの課題「All About Cats」


今回は、VOA Learning Englishの「All About Cats - The World's Favorite Pet」--- ネコちゃんに関する記事です。(こちらのリンクで読めます:
Directions: You will hear a news report from VOA Learning English's program. You will be asked to answer questions about what speakers say in it. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D).
1_What does John Bradshaw do?
(A) He treats animals.
(B) He studies cats.
(C) He reports news.
(D) He runs a clinic.
2_What does a cat do to show its friendliness, according the article?
(A) It wags its tail.
(B) It meows.
(C) It makes its tail straight up.
(D) It sits up.
3_ What makes cats stressed?
(A) To feed them.
(B) To keep them in a small space.
(C) To put them somewhere high.
(D) To keep them in a house.
4_According to Dr. Colleran, what should you do to know if your cat is unwell?
(A) To check if your cat sleeps in a new place.
(B) To see if your cat eats more.
(C) To see if your cat wants to ride a car.
(D) To check if your cat purrs less.





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