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茅ヶ崎クラスの春期特別レッスン「compulsive hoarding」


茅ヶ崎クラスも今年度の授業をすべて終えました。第65期の最終授業は特別回で通常レッスンとは異なる教材を使いました。今回は、VOAのScience in the Newsから「When Your Possessions Control Who You Are」という記事を使わせていただきました。脅迫性障害の異常行動の一類型に「収集癖」がありますが、「ゴミ屋敷」などの社会問題にも関連しています。その実態はどんなものなのでしょうか?番組で探りましょう。
レッスンではTOEICのPart 7と同形式の問題を解いていただきました。自主トレの方は、4月初めの授業で私に解答を尋ねてください。
Directions: You will hear an article from VOA Learning English's program. You will be asked to answer questions about what speakers say in it. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), (D).
A_Answer these vocabulary questions.
1_What is clutter?
(A) a disorganized collection of things
(B) a hobby
(C) a group of expensive antiques
(D) a variety of different people
clutter (v.)
Example: My goal is to eliminate the clutter in my house.
2_What is hoarding?
(A) learning to ride a horse
(B) eating too many sweets
(C) having a passion for something
(D) collecting many things that have little or no value and not able to discard anything
hoarding (n.)
Example: Collecting old newspapers and magazines might sound a little like hoarding, but I can’t see myself not doing so.
3_What is mental health?
(A) being generous
(B) a part of the body
(C) being successful
(D) a person’s state of emotional and psychological well-being
mental health (n.)
Example: Hoarding can have an impact on the mental health of a person.
4_What is therapy?
(A) treatment to relieve or heal a disorder
(B) a mystical belief
(C) the study of medicine
(D) healing oneself
therapy (n.)
Example: Health experts say hoarders may benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy.
5_Select the correct word to complete the sentence below.
Many people live with _________ and they never do anything about it.
(A) pets
(B) bugs
(C) family
(D) clutter
C_Choose the correct answer.
1_According to the article, hoarding can have a severe effect on whom?
(A) neighbors
(B) coworkers
(C) family
(D) therapists
2_What percentage of the population does hoarding disorder affect?
(A) between five and seven percent
(B) between two and five percent
(C) between seven and nine percent
(D) more than nine percent
3_According to the article, what did police in California arrest a school teacher for?
(A) hoarding 200 puppies
(B) hoarding 400 snakes
(C) hoarding 50 cats
(D) hoarding 100 birds




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