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茅ヶ崎クラスのリーティング課題「Eggcelent family fun」


茅ヶ崎クラスのリーティング課題をお届けします。今回は、Kansai Scene 4月号の「Eggcelent family fun」(12ページ)--- イースターエッグの楽しみ方についての記事です。(こちらのリンクでも読めます:
TOEICのPart 7と同形式の問題を下に載せますので、次回のレッスンまでに解いてください。
Directions: Read the chosen article from Kansai Scene's 2014 April issue, and select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D).
1_When is Easter Sunday celebrated this year?
(A) On April 3rd.
(B) On April 13th.
(C) On April 20th.
(D) On April 27th.
2_According to the article, how do the kids find the hidden eggs and candies?
(A) By following a bunny.
(B) By following arrows.
(C) By following smells.
(D) By following footprints.
3_The word “adhere” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to
(A) follow
(B) stay
(C) fade
(D) change
4_Which of the following DOESN'T or DIDN'T Melissa Dunstan do?
(A) She took the pictures for the article.
(B) She organizes an outdoor Easter event.
(C) She has her kids sign up for the event at Utsubo Park.
(D) She wrote the article.





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